Isipho Library Almost Complete

“When you give a man a book you don’t give him just 12 ounces of paper, ink and glue – you
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Going Back to iNzinga!

We are excited to return to iNzinga in March. We can’t wait to see the Zuma family, the gardeners, and
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TEDx Youth Day Event

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I was honored to speak at the TEDx Youth Day event in Atlanta; one of more than
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Matric problems in Kwazulu Natal

Hey guys I just found a really cool article* about an issue in Kwazulu-Natal that is close to our hearts. In
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Happy Holidays!

The holidays are a time for giving. I know that, for me atleast, donating to a charity makes the season complete
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Tis the season — for a new website :) and college apps….

Hello everyone! Isipho has a new website! Thanks to the team at Engauge, we’ve shed the brown structure that beautifully portrayed
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Everwell, Liz Weiss and malnutrition

Hey everyone! I’m officially a senior! While that’s scary, and kind of sad (I’m growing up so fast!) it’s really exciting.
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Incredible new pictures + Secret Millionaire.

Hello, all! Dang, everyone who ever said Junior year is stressful is not only correct, but understating the craziness of it.
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Reminiscing, an interactive blog post.

Miranda here! Don’t you just love when you find a song that fits a perfect moment, or when you can play
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Sick in iNzinga

Hello my lovely blog readers. Miranda here from iNzinga. The last few days have been pretty uneventful for me. I have
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