Hello, and welcome to Isipho’s web site. I hope you’ll spend some time here, getting to know the people of iNzinga, South Africa, my favorite place in the world.

Miranda holding Amahle

Miranda holding Amahle

Isipho (ih-SEE-poh) is a nonprofit organization that I, Miranda Lynch, created to help the villagers of iNzinga improve their own lives. I first visited the very remote village of iNzinga as a 12-year-old, when my father and I stayed with a family in the village for a week, as part of our vacation. I was moved by the extreme poverty, malnutrition, and lack of educational opportunities for kids there. I was equally moved by the strength and warmth of the people facing those daily challenges.

During that week, I realized that if the villagers could grow their own vegetable gardens, they could begin to overcome the three main causes of chronic poverty in that area; malnutrition, disease (exacerbated by malnutrition), and illiteracy (healthy kids can attend school more often and can pay attention).

When we left iNzinga, I vowed to do everything I could to help; to do everything I could to help the people of iNzinga become self sufficient, and to improve the nutrition and literacy in the village.

Isipho provides the training and tools needed so that villagers in iNzinga can create vegetable gardens to grow their own vegetables, reducing the stunting, birth defects, learning disabilities and illnesses brought on by severe and chronic malnutrition. Isipho also supports the schools in iNzinga with learning materials. We are currently creating a library so that villagers of all ages can access a variety of books and reference materials.

Isipho empowers the people of iNzinga, South Africa, to break the cycle of poverty and dependence one vegetable garden at a time.

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